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Dollface Melted Dream Hoodie

Dollface Melted Dream Hoodie

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🤪 Get Ready to Melt Hearts and Turn Heads! 

Introducing our "Dollface Melted Dream Hoodie" - it's not just clothing; it's a vibrant, surreal experience that'll leave you grinning from ear to ear!

😃 Melted Dream Magic: Picture a dazzling, metallic smiley face, playfully melting away with the word "DOLL" across its grin on the back - it's a showstopper! 💫

💬 Speak Your Truth: And that's not all! The sleeves feature a glimpse of the same mesmerizing smiley face, only this time it's saying "ALL ME." It's a declaration of self-expression, boldness, and individuality.

🔥 Shine On: The metallic sheen adds a touch of glamour to your everyday look. Be prepared for compliments and curious glances wherever you go!

🎨 Artistry in Motion: Crafted with passion by our LorFresh artist, the "Dollface Melted Dream Hoodie" is a wearable masterpiece. It's not just a fashion statement; it's a conversation starter!

🤳 It's All You: Order your "Dollface Melted Dream Hoodie" TODAY and let your style speak for itself! 💃🕺

Get ready to turn heads, express yourself, and rock the melted dream style like no one else! It's all you, all day, every day! 😄💥 #DollfaceMeltedDream #LorFreshStyle 

Length, in 25.00 26.61 27.64 29.25 30.24 31.89
Width, in 20.00 21.50 22.99 24.49 26.50 28.50
Sleeve Length, in 23.86 24.25 24.88 25.39 25.87 26.38

.: 86% Polyester 14% Cotton
.: Classic Fit
.: White thread color
.: Custom cut and sewn
.: Assembled in the USA 

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